Welcome and Namaste

Thank you for your interest in Social Development Centre (SDC)  Nepal.

SDC is a registered NGO (non-government organisation) and non-profit organisation.  With the exception of the two home carers, all workers are volunteers.  All funds to support the home are raised by donation, predominantly from overseas sources connected by friendship to the home.

There are fifteen wonderful children who have been brought together under very sad and difficult circumstances. Despite this, they are all now part of a larger family that extends across the world.  Without spending time with them it is difficult to understand how infectious all of their personalities are and how loving and affectionate they are with their visitors and with each other.  Each child has 14 siblings that care for one another and share a passion and energy that is inspiring.

We invite you to read the rest of our site and learn more about our children, their home and our goals.  We ask you to consider joining us in our quest to create a better life for these children and to give them the opportunity to be strong, healthy, well educated Nepali citizens.

Thank you!